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How Do You Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Fall Back In Love With You? 4 Easy Steps

Aaah, love. There is no such pain as the pain of unrequited love, especially if you have actually tasted the sweetness of falling in love with your buddy. And eventually, it has been snatched from you.

He might be lost interest in you, and you are falling apart. Everything looks so gloomy, and there seems to be absolutely nothing to look forward to at all.

So, How possibly can you turn things around and get your ex-boyfriend to fall in love with you again?

Well, honestly, there is no magic spell. There are easy steps I will show you below that you must follow to make your Ex-boyfriend fall in love with you so deeply that he can never leave again.

Things You Must Know About Males Before Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Boys and girls have differences in communication patterns, emotional needs, and how they value each other.

Since you’re planning to get your ex-boyfriend back, you must acknowledge and respect these differences. Also, I advise you to put some effort into figuring out how boys manage romantic matters.

Here are 3 things you need to know about men before starting the process;

Males Are Shit At Handling Emotions

A very typical mistake that most girls commit when they break up is turning into a drama queen and starting to breathe raw emotions. This can be a relief to you. But, boys feel so insecure because they don’t even know how to react to that.

So, what I’m telling you is that you must avoid anything related to begging, pleading, or even attempting suicide to make him feel guilty and come back to you. These will just make things worst.

Admit and respect the fact that your ex-boyfriend can’t handle emotions as you do, so don’t use emotional blackmail during the process of getting him back.

Males Need Extra Personal Space

Whoever started the breakup, I am pretty sure that it will be bad for both parties. It means both of you will have a hard time dealing with your feelings.

However, most boys need more personal space in order to deal with their feelings especially when it’s not stable. So your ex will likely want his own area to control his emotions before you both can start the process.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is constantly spy on him by calling and texting at every moment of the day asking about what he’s doing.

male requires much more personal space than female in general, this includes both physical and psychological space

Gifford Pinchot

American forester and politician

Spying is instinctive after a break-up because you’re dying to know how he’s managing life without you, but I want you to have more control over your instincts if you desire to bring him back. Otherwise, he will be annoyed and float away from you.

Close Friends Influence each other's Decisions

Close friends can be an advantage for you to get him back, but only if you learn how to use this feature. Many boys make their decisions based on the opinions of their friends. How can you benefit from that?

What you can do, is pick one or two of your ex’s close friends and tell him how you’re sorry about the way things ended and that you still care about him and are open to reviving the spark of love again.

But Be careful, don’t call everyone you know from your EX’s friends to tell them that you are ready to do anything to make him come back.

Because while they can help praise you in front of him, you don’t want them to tell your ex that you’re really annoying and that the break-up was the right thing to do.

Two male friends are outdoors together chatting.

The only thing you want them to suggest is that you’re still interested and ready to be reunited. If your ex-boyfriend is still interested, he will contact you.

How to speed up the process of getting your ex-boyfriend back

My dear darling, Follow these simple steps.

1. Do not contact your ex-boyfriend

I need you to cut off all communications, I know it might be a bit challenging, but it’s inevitable. You need to be strong and resist the urge to text him. I know this is easier said than done, but please DON’t!

You will become more mysterious, and your ex-boyfriend won’t know what you’re doing in your life.

Eventually, he’ll begin to wonder why you haven’t contacted him or chased him, and that won’t happen if you are always in his face texting him. The secret key here is to work with human nature instead of against it.

As confirmed by Jessica Engle, Relationship Coach in wikiHow; “It is important to have no contact with your ex to deal with your emotions, processes the breakup, and prepare to move on.”

Think about it! We crave what we don’t have. You will make him want you so bad when he can’t get you or not being available to him.

During this time when you cut off all contact with him, focus on doing the things you love, enjoy your time with friends and improve your personal life, rather than spending countless hours thinking about a way to get him back.

2. Mind your mouth

One of the most important things you must stick to. I know how hard it can be, but don’t insult your ex. You must remain mature throughout all this if you want your relationship to have a second chance later.

Even if he’s the one who launched the breakup, do not become a garbage mouth and start firing your (*****) on him. You need to show him how civil and mature a lady you are, even if you are boiling inside.

At the end of the day, you can get rid of this anger by walking, exercising, hitting a boxing bag, shopping, or whatever makes you happy.

3. Plan to Get Him Back!

After spending the right time with no contact with him, allotted yourself to put things together and improved your life. You can now call and check on him to see what he’s doing and make sure he’s alright.

Be casual and confident. You are just calling to say hi. It doesn’t have to be that he has to call you back.

If your ex-boyfriend does not answer the phone, you can leave a polite message that you are just checking on him. If you don’t receive a call back in the coming couple of days, he won’t call.

Things are going to be that way. Either your ex-boyfriend will be happy to hear from you or he will not. There is no compromise on this.

If you texted him and he does not reply, don’t do it again, do not call back, or leave a bad message because this will not get your ex-boyfriend back.

4. The road to reconciliation

When you finally receive the call from your ex-boyfriend, things look promising. Be yourself and as cool as possible. Let the conversation flow with ease.

Kindly, ask him how he has been doing, and obviously, you also miss him and would like to have a casual meeting to see each other.

After multiple casual meetings, you can reveal your feelings to your ex about getting back together. Once your emotions are made known, the next step belongs to your ex-boyfriend.

Couple in cafe drinking coffee and talking.

However, I need you to consider that your Ex’s reaction might not be what you expect. So, be mature and as courteous as possible.

If he agreed to get back together, make sure you avoid the mistakes you did before you broke up. And, if he moved on on you, be civil enough to move on too and enjoy your life.

Secret tips that can help you to get him back

Do not use sex to get your ex-boyfriend back

I don’t care how desperate you are, but never ever sell your body just to make him stay or bring him back. Because if you do that, you’ll be his night joke when he meets his friends.

Even if he participates (or enjoys) in doing sex with you, they will have fun about it later. You must know that you are not a piece of meat that should be given as a bonus for staying. Do not ever degrade yourself.

As said in withmyexagain, “Sex should never be used out of fear or simply as a strategy to get what you want!”

Do not allow yourself to be used sexually by your ex-boyfriend

It’s related to what I said above, I know it can be challenging to stop being intimate with a guy you really know and have been in love with (or still love).

However, if he really loves you, he will not use you for such behavior. Always keep in mind that getting your ex back isn’t worth losing your dignity or losing yourself in the process.

Have some fate

You should have faith and let destiny have its own way. If you both meant to be together, he will come back without the need of your begging.

If your destiny isn’t with him, let it be! Maybe you’ll be better without him. I know it can be painful to let go. But sometimes, the hard path is the right one.

The process of getting your ex-boyfriend back is a reunion of your kind doings as well as fate, and I hope things will work for you.

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