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How do you speak effectively with your husband? 10X Hacks

If I can bet on one thing that could break any marriage or a relationship, it would be a hundred percent lack of communication.

All the reasons out there (infidelity, abuse, or lack of intimacy) appeared as a result of poor communication between spouses, which in turn led them to divorce.

Communicating effectively in a marriage is likely the most rewarding skill you can learn. It is almost impossible to have a happy, strong, and intimate relationship when you and your spouse always fight.

Through effective use of communication, you can build a marriage where respect and trust are the solid foundation.

It may seem impossible, but it is just because you didn’t know the right instructions. And that’s why you are here today!

First, the common reason why communication goes down!

Remember when you got married? The love was there, and the passion was floating. Life was perfect. What happened?

In short, life happened! Things began changing, jobs became difficult, you have kids now to take care of, plus household responsibilities, then you see each other falling to the bottom of priorities. That is not unusual, so don’t feel bad.

All that happened was a failure to adjust effectively. That is a usual scene from the modern marriage failing.

Two partners are very busy dealing with responsibilities, and one word can blow up an argument, that sets off a war that ends in divorce.


When you are married, you must know how hard it is to balance everything, and still have a loving relationship. So, I’m going to show you the right communication skills to stabilize your marriage.

Two deadly mistakes that harm the communication

Mistake 1. "the blame game" routine

When you blame your man for something, his typical reaction is to defend himself (even if he knows he did something wrong.)

Have you seen before when you would blame someone, and they honestly replied, “Yes, you are one hundred percent right?”

It is an instinctive reaction for people to be defensive when someone blames them for something. That is the case for most people.

As explained by symbis, When you cast blame toward one another, defensiveness is a natural result. That’s because blaming is always an offensive move.

Bringing out the worst in your hubby will never solve anything. You act like they are idiots and a worthless partner.

It can indeed be hard to let the past go. But keeping your focus on what was in the past will not help grow things in the future.

Mistake 2. The financial matters

In many marriages, one partner is responsible for managing the financial infrastructure of the family.

But, if this person becomes disabled or suddenly dies, the other spouse may be completely unaware of the financial responsibilities that he inherited.

As mentioned by investopedia, 41% Percentage of respondents to a Northwestern Mutual personal finance study who said financial anxieties have an impact on relationships with spouses/partners at least some of the time. One-fifth reported financial fights with their partners at least once a month.

A good marriage financial strategy is to keep the lines of communication open in your marriage so both parties will know the ongoing facts.

Each couple should work together on an annual basis to implement their financial plan and have continuous conversations about each update.

Compiling important pieces of information and keeping them in a place your partner knows can enable them to step in to take over the finances if you become disabled.

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Now, How do you communicate effectively with your husband?

1. Find the root of problems

To begin learning effective communication with your spouse, you need to let go of negative feelings, go back and analyze the root causes of the problems.

If you have negative thoughts about your partner without telling them, you stand the chance of letting them explode at the worst moments.

When you speak out in a controlled environment, such as a simple planned discussion with your spouse, you can create successful constructive tries to re-build the walls of respect.

2. Find 'niche' time for constructive communication

Without good communication, relationships cannot maintain their holiness.

You must take a time-out where the world pressures do not interrupt the communication you have Because the provision of time for such specific communicative interaction is vital.

Weekly sessions and holidays dedicated for this purpose are very important to achieve this end.

3. Avoid Negativity

Firing all of your negativity toward your partner at once is one of the worst things you can do.

You don’t want your spouse to get overwhelmed with negative feelings and start reacting with defensive behavior.

However, do not be afraid to reveal negative feelings when communicating with your partner. But, don’t say them all at one time without mixing positives in there as well.

Point out a few things you love about him, too, and make sure you think before you speak.

4. Stop Hearing, Start Listening!

Communication is not a one-way street, and you shouldn’t feel like you are the only person speaking during a discussion. You must listen as much as you speak.

The difference between listening and hearing is true understanding. You may hear the words your spouse is telling you, but you cannot understand what they are saying.

Allow your partner to tell you what he has on his mind without interrupting him with your thoughts or jumping too fast to conclusions. It is vital to accept your hubby’s feelings with positivity.

5. Resolve as many Problems as you can

When you plan to discuss with your spouse, it is essential to resolve every possible issue before closing the doors of communication.

Of course, you cannot solve everything in one discussion. But, you can indeed feel positively after communicating with your man, and this is how you should be before you decide to end the talking for the time.


6. Great communication lead to great sex

Good communication should also extend to the married couple’s bedroom. Sadly, many couples hide their sexual pleasures from their partner.

On opposit, both spouses have to communicate the likes and dislikes of each other sexually because solo seeking and guessing are bad for any physical relationship.

It is best to enjoy sex when there is a clear channel of communication set earlier in the relationship. There should be as little guessing as possible in making love.

7. Give it a while

Time can indeed heal wounds, and you should also let time pass before making any rash judgments or giving your partner a rebuttal during a long discussion.

Let the pieces of information dig in, and always know what comes from your mouth. When you are about to talk, control your tone. And avoid Shouting in your discussions.

The Importance of Communication in a Marriage

Creating a stronger bond

Communication will;

  • Bring couples closer to each other.
  • Allow partners to share their thoughts and experiences.
  • Help spouses to build or strengthen a special bond together.
Solve marital conflicts.

Nothing can be fixed if spouses do not talk to each other. Couples who want to conserve their marriage are ready to sit down and talk about the problems in their marital life.

Good communication is necessary to compensate and solve marital problems.

Preventing misunderstandings

communication will cancel;

  • Confusions and wrong assumptions between couples.
  • Assumptions that spouses might know what’s on each other’s minds.

Assuming that your partner can read your thoughts creates chaos. You must say your thoughts to reduce misunderstanding.

If couples can only learn the skill of effective communication, misconceptions will be stopped.

preserve the emotional connection

When couples talk and share continuously what they’ve been thinking and doing, it keeps them connected and saves you both from looking for emotional connections with someone else.

It can be dangerous for the couple that does not share their daily life because they may look elsewhere for their emotional needs, which may cause infidelity.

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Things to consider when communicating with your husband:
  • Listen and respect your partner’s opinions.
  • Be Honest and sincere when interacting with him.
  • Be careful, Be patient, show love and compassion.
  • Realize what you say Before answering.
  • Take all the time you need to communicate better with him.
  • Be positive and open-minded at all times.

Secret hacks that will speed up your level of communication

Hack #1 - Timing

Having a good understanding of timing in marriage cannot be forgotten. You must understand the different moods which your partner shows.

Always wait until your husband is in a suitable mood to bring up the necessary conversation.

Also, remember that effective communication needs you to have a super ability to know when the time is “right“!

Hack #2 - Tone

No one will listen to you or accept whatever you are talking about if your tone of voice is wrong.

If you own a naturally powerful voice, control it until you know to speak in a friendly tone.

Communication in marriage demands that you use a calm and gentle tone of voice, especially if you want him to hear you.

Hack #3 -Personality

To successfully communicate to your partner in marriage, effectively, you need to understand his character and mood.

Is your partner naturally careless? Is he calm and soft by nature or is he mean in his reactions?

If you understand how your spouse is made, you will be better placed and ready to communicate effectively without getting distracted by his mean behavior.

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