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How Long Does It Take An Ex-Girlfriend To Come Back? (Do It The Right Way)

Breaking up can be one of the most disastrous pains in life. You can call it love, weakness, or whatever you want.

I saw strong men go through dark weeks and months full of grief, sadness, and loneliness after breaking up.

Many of them can’t understand the real reason why this even happened? And others may sink to other women just to let go of the pain.

However, most men like to believe that there is a second chance to get their girls back, and that’s true! Breaking up doesn’t have to be forever.

Getting your ex-girlfriend back is not difficult. It just needs a little planning and especially patience.

Keep reading, and you will discover How Long Does It Take An Ex-Girlfriend To Come Back? And the right steps to GET HER BACK!

So, How Long Does It Take To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

The simple answer to this excellent common question; “It Depends!”

According to studies done By Chris Seiter, The expected period to succeed in returning your ex-girlfriend to you is between 2-7 months.
Other searches done by Brad Browning on his EX Factor Guide reveal that there are various scenarios when it comes to the exact period to get her back. He claims that if you follow his guide;

Scenario #1: you can expect to have your ex back within 6 weeks or so.
Scenario #2: you’re probably going to be able to turn the ship around within 2 To 4 months.
Scenario #3: it might take 3-6 months because you’ve made a number of serious mistakes since breaking up.
Scenario #4: it can take 6-12 months because you’ve made numerous major mistakes during that time.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back fast?

1. Stop!

The first step you must take is to stop. Stop every process you plan to do. What you should do now is allow yourself to calm down.

It is crucial to understand that you won’t get your ex back by being emotional. Therefore, First, You should allow your emotional wounds to heal.

Most likely, you are feeling extremely emotional now. And that is normal! There is nothing wrong with being emotional. Cry if you want to. Crying is considered one of the best ways to reduce your emotional tension.

Men do not usually feel comfortable crying in front of others. But do not worry! You don’t have to cry in front of others. Just doing it in private will also help.

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Exercise is also a great way to release emotional stress. Get out and run. Sweat all your emotional stress.

The problem of being too emotional can work against you because you lose your “cool” and the ability to think clearly and rationally, which in turn usually makes you the wrong decisions.

 Ask yourself;
  • Have you been teasing your girlfriend so you could talk to her?
  • How often do you call her, and your girlfriend ignores you?

If you answered yes, then stop it! Doing the same thing over and over probably will not change your situation. In fact, it will only damage your position, and your girlfriend will avoid you more.

2. Give each other space

After breaking up, it is vital to give each other space, no matter how painful it is. Some breathing room will help you see a new and different perspective on the relationship.

As confirmed in; Giving her more space than she needs may actually result in her missing you more. It is, therefore, the better option.

Also, this time apart will allow you to lean on friends and family and get different POVs. You might even get helpful advice on how to get your lady back.

Spending some time apart usually leads to a better chance of getting back together and reviving the relationship.

3. Have Dignity!

How will this help you? As a start, you will show her that you are not willing to beg her to take you back because women hate weak men.

Once you beg and plead for her to come back or spend all of your time talking about wanting her back, you will actually give all of your power in the relationship to her, which will put her in the position of power.

Instead, you must show your EX that you will not compromise your pride to be with anyone, let alone her.

4. Cut off communication

The goal behind this step is to make her realize how much she needs you and misses your presence, and This is so important in the repair process.

I know it will be so painful for you, and it will seem like you are doing the opposite of what you should. However, If you really believe that you two belong to each other. Then this will be just as painful for her.

Here are two main reasons for doing that;
  • First, as mentioned earlier, by temporarily disappearing from her life, you give her a chance to miss you, wondering where you are and what you are currently doing.
  • Second, she needs a Time-Out from the relationship, and so do you. Both of you need the space to think about the relationship and how to heal from the break-up.

Often, the break-up is just a couple of conflicts, and once you resolve this conflict, you will be able to get back together.

5. Take some time for yourself

You have been through emotional trauma, and now it is time to step back and recollect your thoughts.

Right now, the last thing your EX wants is someone in an emotional mess, so when you get your life back on track, she will see how you became a calm and stable man.

As mentioned in wikiHow; Getting your ex-girlfriend back starts with finding the right attitude. Girls, for the most part, want to see mature

Go out and have fun with your friends. You may want to rediscover your passion for some of the things you love that you previously gave up (walking, playing sports, watching movies…) Just get the hell out of the house and breath some air.

That will help you by;
  • One, you will be busy when she calls you.
  • Two, you will be calmer and more rational if you speak with her.
  • Three, You will recover from emotional trauma and have greater confidence.

6. Slowly start to reach out to her

You may want to text her to stay in touch. Use casual or general messages like (Hey, what’s up?) Make sure you keep it subtle and simple. The last thing you need to do is jump in and start unleashing your lovebirds.

The purpose of your first contact is not to get her back right away. Instead, you are just measuring the temper so you can determine the next appropriate move.

Keeping in touch in a cool way should be enough to keep you in her mind and deliver a message that you still care about her. It will help you by improving the process of getting your ex-girlfriend back.

7. Stay in control

When you talk to her, make sure to maintain the talking light and slightly distant. Do not reveal all your cards. Remember, the process takes time, so avoid telling her about getting back together.

If you want to speed up the process, you need to understand the signals that she is giving you. Do you remember when you first started dating? Redoit!

I mean, can you tell the girl you just met that you love her? of course not! You are now in this situation, so try to get her back by dating her again and taking things easy.

8. Always look your best

Joyful smiling men

Usually, people after breaking up go through waves of depression and start looking for things that make them happy and what is better than sweet and unhealthy foods. Eventually, they will destroy their shapes and gain more weight.

Avoid that by taking care of yourself. If you are already overweight, you can exercise or go to the gym to get back in shape. This will definitely raise your score in your ex-girlfriend’s rate.

When you know she’s around, take extra care of your appearance. She may not be able to resist you, and it may press her to rekindle the relationship, thinking that someone else might be interested in you.

Relax, Be confident, and take it slowly because the first things that brought you together at the first time will all rise again, and soon you will get your ex-girlfriend back.

9. Be yourself

Often, men might miss the big picture of what they really want during the process and give up their selves to change things. Remember that, no matter what happens, do not lose yourself in the relationship.

Even though you want to do anything to get her back, there is a huge difference between making her want to come back, and begging her to come back. Do not compromise who you are.

If the price of getting her back is losing the things you love and the friend you enjoy hanging out with. Then, you should take a long time to think about the consequences of your decision.

As explained by Lachlan Brown in; Girls want to date guys who have got their lives together, are independent, confident, and know how to have fun.

10. Fake it until you make it

Many men make the mistake of trying to get a sympathy vote. They think that if they act pathetic enough, their ex-girlfriend will lean her heart and take them back.

Even if you are dying inside, you NEVER show any signs of weakness.

Bury your pain deep inside and move on. But, Be careful, do not be too arrogant, or overcompensate for your pain. Just be yourself, and act normal.

At the end of the day, you can release that pain by going for a run, hitting a boxing bag, or exercising until you are finished.

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