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Is It Worth It To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back? The Only Answer You Need!

A very famous question, “Should I try to get my ex-boyfriend back?” Sometimes, you get confused if the relationship is worth saving or just accept the facts and move on.

When you break up with someone, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the emotions you’re feeling. You may not be in the best shape of mind to make sound decisions about what to do next.

Many couples manage to get back together, but the chances of them breaking up again are very likely due to various mistakes they have made.

Honestly, there is no power of attorney nor someone to decide for you. It is you only who can try to make that choice.

However, I am here today to give you the key points to help you manage this situation. And of course, make the best decision for your future.

3 Suggestions To make you choose the right decision

1. clear your mind

Shortly after a breakup, you will probably experience a hard time, So it’s best to take some time to yourself before making any decisions about your love life. This will give you time to reflect and get your mind back together.

I advise you to fill the void with things you like to do. Also, you can take some time away to a different environment to handle your grief and sadness or anger.

You don’t need to decide if your ex-boyfriend is worth getting back together with him yet. Get better first, and then you can assess the situation.

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2. Evaluate the Relationship

Once you become emotionally fit, you can start trying to evaluate the relationship. Was it a sweet loving relationship that is worth saving? Or it was just a massive junk of problems, fights, and abuse.

As said by Celia SchweyerDating Expert, Dating Scout “It is important to take this opportunity to self-reflect and learn lessons from past behaviors and actions in order to improve oneself. If not the person may find the wrong character traits in the next relationship.”

You must be on top of the priority list, don’t lose yourself just because you need a lover. If you revive your self-esteem, I guarantee you that you’ll be more than capable to handle your life alone.

If you believe that you won’t survive without a co-dependent relationship, then it’s time to change yourself. The relationship’s purpose is to help each other, but it doesn’t mean stopping living without your partner.

3. Talk to Your Self

Having a healthy relationship and a trustworthy man can bring out the best in you. If you start changing or showing bad habits for the first time, then your ex-boyfriend could be the wrong person to start a committed relationship with.

People often fall in love at the beginning of a relationship, but then develop bad habits that are harmful to them. Sometimes, a breakup can be seen as a blessing or a sign from the Universe to leave.

A healthy relationship should make you both happy more often than not, rather than bring out the worst in you.

Alexandra Miu, states “invest in yourself by learning and doing new things. You’ll be surprised by how many more things you can do alone, and how exciting it is to accomplish them.”

As I mentioned earlier, you should think about your own happiness first. This sounds selfish, but you deserve to feel loved and have a good relationship, not let someone else take control of your life.

8 Powerful Questions to Help you make the right move

The way you answer these questions below should clarify whether you should get back to your ex-boyfriend.

How Did He Treat You?

A man should inspire your dreams and encourage you to achieve them. With him, you can sense your femininity. And feel strong enough to conquer the world.

Does He Respect His Parents?

People’s values can be judged by how they talk about their parents. Anger and resentment show that someone doesn’t know how to work through problems and move on.

Is he unemployed?

Many people lost their jobs because of COVID19. If your ex-boyfriend is jumping from place to place to find a job or part-time work, then he may need some encouragement from you to consider his efforts and dedication.

How Does He Feel About Money?

Marrying a millionaire sounds great! But a guy who is financially responsible, even if he’s not rich, is worth his weight in gold.

A disciplined approach to spending is the key to financial security down the road. Money is a big topic for couples these days. So, it’s important, to be honest about your expectations.

What Are His Dreams?

Your ex-boyfriend must have goals and dreams that give him a purpose in life. You need passions in life to motivate you to grow. Thus, review your plans in life and see if they match up with what you want.

You should not try to have everything in common, but there are some things you should agree on, like religion, dreams, and sex. These can become an issue in the future if you don’t have a solid foundation now.

Are you nervous around him?

Your physical feeling around him is a massive indicator of this is the right partner.

  • Does he ignore you or you are the centers of his attention?
  • When you tell him about your dreams does he encourage you or discourage you?
  • Do you have to think a hundred times before you talk to him?
  • Does he make you feel smart or stupid around him?

A well-balanced guy should never make you feel uncomfortable whenever around him.

Does he come with luggage?

No one is perfect! But, the older your ex-boyfriend gets, the more likely he had an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, or even maybe children.

  • Does he mention his past always?
  • Does he compare you to his exes?
  • Does he sometimes make mistakes and call you by their name?

You must pay attention to this area because some men become off-limits due to their past relationships.

What Is the Perfect Man for you?

It is important to have a general idea of what you’re looking for. Women typically take more time picking out clothes than they do choose a man.

So, take a look at your ex-boyfriend and compare him to the mental picture of your ideal man. You might be surprised by what you find!

Hopefully, you will find promising things there to help you fall in love with your ex-boyfriend all over again and motivate you to get him back.

signs that he doesn't want you

Sign #1 - he doesn't answer your calls

Most break-ups end up poorly. If he does not want to talk to you, he might still hate you at the moment. So, he is avoiding any reconciliation for now. Leave him in peace. Do not call him if he does not want to be called.

Sign #2 - He runs away whenever he sees you

It’s pretty clear your ex doesn’t want you around. He avoids looking at you and goes out of his way to stay away from you. If he’s showing this kind of action, you should reconsider your efforts. Do you still seriously want to get your ex back? Perhaps it is time to rethink.

Sign #3 - He badmouths you to everyone

This behavior of talking behind your back shows a lack of respect from him. If he doesn’t respect you, then he surely doesn’t love you anymore. With this, you may want to start planning your life without him.

So, Should I Get My Ex-Boyfriend Back?

There are a few things you should consider before trying to rebuild an abusive or destructive relationship. Sometimes it’s best to simply leave and don’t look back.

If you have been in an abusive relationship, I strongly suggest seeking professional help and carefully evaluate your situation before making any decisions.

However, If you broke up for other reasons, then be sure that almost all rest situations can be fixed, and yours too!

As confirmed by Kevin Thompson in exbackpermanently.com, ” If you still feel that the relationship with your ex was something special and you are sure you are not just thinking this because you are afraid of losing your ex, then it’s probably a good idea to try to get back with your ex.”
Important thing you must consider;

If you decide to try to win your ex-boyfriend back, you need to first figure out what caused the break-up in the first place. There’s always something, and it’s not the obvious issue you think of.

For example, if you broke up because you felt he wasn’t spending too much time with you, then the problem is not his friends.

The problem is you not getting the attention and love you desire. So you must fix the problem of why he doesn’t put you at the top of his priority list.

I know that looking into the root problems of a relationship can be tough. Sometimes you have to admit that getting your ex-boyfriend back is not the best solution.

But in most cases, there is a way to resolve these situations if both people are open and willing to move on.

The secret behind these actions is, to be honest with yourself and your ex-boyfriend about whether it is a good idea in the long term to get back together. . . or not!

Proven Tips To Help You Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Things that you should not do:
Contacting your ex-boyfriend Frequently

Most people try to get back together with their ex-boyfriend by appealing to him. This usually amounts to desperation, and it’s a bad idea. You’re just going to push him away if you don’t give him the space he needs.

Telling everyone about the breakup

This is the worst thing you can do. It won’t work – and it may even damage your reputation. If you don’t care about your reputation, then fine.

But how can you hope to get back together with your ex if you don’t even care about his reputation? If this approach fails, you’ll both look bad.

Things that you should do:
Let him miss you

You can make your ex-boyfriend miss you by stopping all communication with him. Quit calling, texting, and face-timing him. He will start to wonder what you’re up to and begin to miss you.

follow your instincts

If you think that your relationship was so special and worth saving. Then start doing an actual plan to get him back and follow what your heart says.

Fun and relaxation

This can be really helpful for you. Find some time to relax and clear your mind of negative thoughts. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel afterward.

Start by loving yourself. Once you know how to take care of yourself, you will find a new dimension and charm that can help you get your ex-boyfriend back.

Be mature when dealing with your ex

You need to tread carefully when trying to win back your ex. If you come across as too desperate, you’ll push them away and ruin your chances.

Nobody wants to date someone clingy and needy. And if your ex feels like you’re not interested in getting back together, it’ll only make them feel worse.

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