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Should I Try To Get Back With My Ex-girlfriend? Must-Read!

Should you try and get your ex-girlfriend back or just let her go? This question is horrible because of all the emotions that go with it.

It is hard to let go after a break-up because it feels like you are losing a part of your heart. No matter how bad the relationship was when it was over, it feels like a part of you is going with her.

You’re probably suffering a conflict between your mind and your heart right now, one is telling you to let go, and the other craves to be with her again.

Dealing with this question will require brutal, strict honesty, and it begins with an assessment of what your relationship really was.

This article presents the proven steps to help you figure out the answer to your struggles “Should I try to get my ex-girl back?

First things first, Some "Facts" to understand

If you’re finding it difficult to make a decision, you only need to look at a few key points.

Once you have a clear understanding of the relationship and what you need moving forward. Then, you can decide if getting back together is really the best idea.

Why Feeling So Confused Right Now?

It is totally normal to feel confused right now, let me tell you why? the reason behind these complicated feelings is that you still care about your ex-girlfriend.

Being Confused Won't Help You

When you are feeling confused you might act in the wrong way, that is why it’s essential to take your time and assess your situation.

Sometimes, it’s best not to contact your ex right away. Instead, allow yourself to calm down and think about what you really want.

Most People Want to Get Their Ex Back

You must be honest with yourself. If you’re wondering if you should get back together with your ex, it means that you want to. If you don’t want to get back together, you won’t be interested in this article.

As stated in ex back permanently “If you get back together, there is a 50/50 chance your new relationship will be a healthy one.”

Your Friends Are not GODS!

Friends can be a great resource, but it is necessary not to always take their advice without thinking it through first. Sometimes they may give you the wrong suggestion, so you must be careful.

After all, you want to seek advice from the right person. You don’t want to consult friends who have their own relationship problems. Makes sense?

Do Not Live With Regrets!

If you are determined to get your ex-girlfriend back, try. Even if you couldn’t save the relationship, you will be glad you tried. You won’t regret it. If you are afraid of trying, you will always live with “what if?” Life is too short to live with that kind of regret.

Is your Situation Hopeless?

Most people tend to be gloomy and convince themselves that the relationship is far away from saving, especially when it comes to getting her back. Now, what you need to do now is be more optimistic.

Here Are Two Situations Where You Should Let Go Of This Relationship

1. Physical Abuse

Rare to happen because the offender is usually male and the victim is female. Yet, If your ex-girlfriend has abused you physically before, There is no guarantee that she will not do it again.

It is obvious to let go of this relationship for your protection and be with someone who will love and respect you.

2. Mental Abuse

Unlike Physical Abuse, This can happen indeed. Believe it or not, mental abuse can be more harmful than physical abuse.

  • Does your ex speak to you in a sharp tone?
  • Does your ex ignore you when you want to communicate with her?
  • Are you losing your self-esteem because of your EX?
  • Does your ex criticize you in any way?
  • Does your ex say things to make you feel small and powerless?
  • Does your ex yell at you and insult you every time?

If your answer is yes, do yourself a big favor and let it go as soon as possible. Leave!

How About Cheating?

If your ex is a serial cheater, you will not have a chance to be reunited, so you should definitely end the relationship.

However, most people cheat for various reasons and not because they want to do so. Maybe she just hasn’t found what she needs in a relationship.

Cheating can have an enormous impact on a relationship, but I don’t recommend always giving up right away.

Sometimes, couples can learn from their mistakes and come back even stronger than before. I encourage you to explore all of your options before making any decisions.

3 secrets to decide whether you try to get her back or not

Understand "Why?"

Breaking up is tough, but if you are thinking about whether you get her back or not, it is necessary, to be honest about what led to the breakup in the first place.

As said in ex back permanently “Understanding the real reason for the breakup is important if you want to make sure you are getting your ex back for the right reasons.”

I know it’s easy to forget what happened and only see the good in your relationship, but that will not help you fix things.

Let us assume that you and your ex fought constantly, things are unlikely to change in the future. You and your ex may be incompatible; accepting this will help you move on and find a proper relationship with another girl.

When you let these issues build up during your relationship, they are more likely to persist and even get worse as things progress.

Did you grow apart?

People often break up with their partners to explore other dating options but eventually, they realize that they made a mistake and want to get back together.

This usually happens after spending time with other people and realizing that they’re not as great as their former partner.

If you are the one who ended things, then you need to seriously think if she’s single or not and how much she is into the idea of getting back together.

If she is already moved on, accept that and try to avoid repeating the same mistakes in your future relationships.

How balanced was your relationship?

To figure out if reconciling with your ex is a good idea, you should look at how balanced the relationship really was.

If you felt like you were doing most of the giving while she wasn’t giving anything back, do not think that things will magically be different this time around.

If you two don’t have the same level of emotional connection that you’re looking for, then it probably will continue like that when you get back together.


4 Questions to help you make the right decision

Was the relationship enjoyable?

Fighting constantly means that the relationship is probably not worth saving. But, if you had a good relationship that only had a few casual fights, then it may be worth trying to get back together.

How long have you been together?

Generally, longer relationships mean you had more in common. If you spent a year or more together, you must have had many shared experiences. This reason alone can be enough to try to save the relationship.

Do you have things in common?

Some might say “opposites attract.” But in reality, it is vital to have things in common. It is okay to have different interests.

However, you want to be with someone who shares the same core values, like faith, finances, and raising children.

If you and your ex have different opinions on these basics, it could lead to big arguments. But if you agreed on most of these things, you will make a good match. You may want to try getting back together.

Are you sure you want her back?

I know it is a tricky question, but I will help you with it. Make a list of the good and the bad things with being specific as much you can.

Then look at what the relationship was to you. Does it look like something you want to get back into?

So, Should you work on getting your ex-girlfriend back?

Initially, yes, but only if you feel it in your heart and she shows a positive reaction to the idea of giving it another try.

As confirmed by Kevin Thompson “The short answer to that question is, you should get back with your ex only if you think that you and your ex can have a healthy and fulfilling relationship after getting back together.

If it’s only you pushing to make things work, you must consider that the process may take more than love to get your ex back. You will need to be patient and try everything possible.

4 Tips to Improve The Way You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Don't freak out!

If you are panicked about your breakup, it’s important to remember not to take any desperate actions. This will only push your ex further away and make it harder for you to win her back. Avoid stalking her, calling her, and checking her Facebook every five minutes.

Instead, be calm and start implementing the right steps to help you get your ex-girlfriend back.

Work on yourself

Surprise her and become more attractive than ever before. Go to the gym, get a new haircut, and learn to dress up nicely. Also, improve your self-esteem by achieving small goals. Just focus on being a better person.

And once your ex-girlfriend sees these modifications, she’ll start to see you as someone worth coming back for.

Close Friends can be helpful

Talking to her friends is a brilliant option to start getting her back. Find one of her close friends that you can trust, and explain your side of the story to them. They’ll be more likely to talk to her on your behalf and put in a good word for you.

Always Be Ready

If your ex-girlfriend suddenly contacts you or you meet up with her to talk, be prepared. Know what you are going to say so you don’t stumble over your words and wind up right back where you started.

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