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The 3 Biggest Threats to Happy Marriages in the 2020s – Must Know!

What are the biggest threats to your happy marriage? Well, that answer is bound to be different for any given individual and pair.

Yet, it’s worth taking a look at risk factors that have been introduced lately, whether due to technology or changing societal factors.

In the 2020s, there are many new or altered risk aspects directing to divorce that previous generations would not have been dealing with.

Thus, examining the most common causes of divorce in the recent world delivers an important perspective on what’s going on in the world at large, and possibly in turn, in your own life, too.

So, I am here today to break it down for you. Also, I’m going to give you the keys to deal with these threats in order to have a stunning long-lasting marriage.

The 3 Biggest Threats to Happy Marriages in the 2020s

1. Negative Technology

A. Smartphones

The smartphone in your hand that has become your connection to the whole world is definitely at the top of the list.

We have direct access to an unlimited variety of information and distractions in the form of applications, games, social networks, and the Internet in general.

This type of technology has made our lives significantly better in so many ways, from how easy it is to call or text your spouse, facetime with them when you’re not around, e-mail them, and more…

However, it’s becoming a growing problem in relationships and marriages, and it’s worth taking a look at how it can affect the relationship.

First of all, it’s often a distraction that gets in the way of direct contact or quality time.

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If you’re always on the phone, you’re not fully present with the person you’re sharing that time and space with.

This drop-in communication also lowers the quality of time you spend with your partner and could continue to wind in a damaging direction.

B. Social Media

The world of social media is increasingly identified as harmful or unproductive in many areas.

With marriages and relationships, social networks have made looking at someone else’s pictures an endless game of comparison and jealousy and have prevented one’s own happiness.

When another couple always posts the picture of vacationing in the exotic place or they have the house or lifestyle of their dreams or whatever the case may be.

However, all of this makes you feel worse about yourself or your own circumstances.

But, Everything is far from reality. What we see on social media is just a glimpse of another person, usually designed to make them see he’s living the perfect life, rather than his entire day-to-day life.

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C. Dating apps

Another area to consider is dating apps. One party in a relationship might not so easily dare to go to a bar and attempt to pull on someone, but instead, would use his phone to surf through different apps.

Even if the intention is simply to “look at what’s out there“, or to try to get compliments or positive attention, this is clearly still an issue.

And it’s also a slippery slope that could quickly spiral out of control.

Also, be aware that communications from dating apps are detectable in divorce cases and you may be required to produce these communications to the other party.

Woman browsing and choosing online dating partners.Editable vectors on layers.

Eventually, dating apps and pornography, both available 24/7 from the phone, added new risk factors for infidelity and sexual risk or unhappiness.

2. drugs and opioid abuse

One of the largest threats to happy marriages is going to be drugs use including opioids and antidepressants abuse.

Painkillers, tranquilizers, and sedatives continue to be a growing problem in the United States.

A poll from the American Psychiatric Association in 2018 showed that: 

  • 45% of adults are impacted by opioid or prescription painkiller use in some way.
  • 5% self-reporting they have abused or been addicted themselves.
  • 9% saying they’ve taken them without a prescription.
  • 31% say they know someone who is or has been addicted.
statistics on opioids abuse

More than twenty-four million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Researchers found that prescription drug usage among people 20 and older had risen to 59% from 51% just a dozen years earlier and it was rising at a faster rate than ever before.

During the same period, the percentage of people taking five or more prescription drugs nearly doubled, to 15% from 8%.

With that kind of terrible majority, opioid addiction will have a damaging effect on potentially millions of marriages across the United States.

3. Different time, Different life

Finally, don’t ignore what you might call the generational shift in values and all the socio-economic factors that affect an individual and a couple.

Young people drop out of college with thousands of dollars in debt.

Equality in the workplace and elsewhere is increasing, although not yet perfect.

People’s expectations about what they want in life and when they want it has evolved, and people are more willing to pursue personal happiness and make major life changes even as they get older, as is the case with the gray divorce.

All of these issues affect whether or not a person is likely to marry, how happy they will be, and whether they are more likely to stand their ground or file for divorce.

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The keys to avoiding these Threats

1. communication, the antidote for smartphones!

A couple’s success relies a lot on useful communication in marriage and productive solutions. Effective communication involves both speaking and listening.

Not listening isn’t just about shutting down and not hearing a word being said, but engaging with the conversation or finishing your spouse’s sentence can show impatience and a general lack of interest.

Turn off televisions, phones, or anything else that might interrupt the ongoing conversation.

Don’t use uncomfortable silences as an opportunity to interrupt what your partner is saying.

The best way to discuss important topics related to your marriage is to listen, make eye contact, take a few minutes to absorb what is being said, and then respond appropriately. Show empathy when needed and be optimistic.

This leads to the fact that your spouse communicates even more and helps you to develop a more in-depth knowledge of what your spouse says.

Quick Tips for a Successful communication:
  • No distraction, No interruption, No judging
  • Be Respectful and a Good Listener.
  • Show your concern, how much you care, and your appreciation.
  • Try and have a sense of humor.
  • Share in each other’s happiness.
  • No blaming each other.

2. get the help you need

Both men and women with opioid addiction can benefit from comprehensive rehabilitation programs that concentrate on the full area of care needed to break free from addiction.

When it comes to finding help for your loved one gain some knowledge about the problem at hand.

Read up on addiction or speak with a professional who can offer insight and helpful solutions on how to get your loved one help.

Gaining trust is essential. Your loved one must feel genuine concern for you. It is all too easy to blame or criticize, or even try to force someone into getting help.

This may lead to resistance and refusal to talk to you about treatment. Let your loved one know that you understand that it is not their fault and that you want to help.

Let them know that you are available to talk or even go with them to seek out help if they so desire. Communication is crucial to finding help.

Make sure not to place unrealistic expectations on the recovery process. Know that beating this habit takes time and that relapse or even multiple relapses are a possibility before complete recovery is achieved.

These programs take a patient from detox to residential treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient services, and transitional living.

Let your loved one know you are in it for the long haul and you will help them in any way they desire.

Effective treatment therapies include:
  • Fitness training
  • Experimental and holistic modalities
  • Follow up programs
  • Family or marriage counseling
  • Nutritional counseling

Addiction is a life-threatening illness, and recognizing the signs and symptoms and helping your loved one find treatment may make the difference for long and healthy life.

3. Balance is the Key to Living a Good Life

Occasionally we ignore relaxation in this fast-paced world we live in. The stress of today’s society for us to be productive can affect our preferences.

So, we get stuck in the rat race and cutthroat, we become prisoners to an environment that can take time away from our family. It’s not bad to be ambitious and competitive, but there are limits.

Moderation in everything, even in the accumulation of wealth, is a healthy and likable reason for living a good life.

quote about living your life
Here are some things you might consider when trying to find that career-life balance:
  • Take care of Physical and Mental Health problems.
  • Have A healthy bank balance.
  • Stop comparing with those who have done better than you in life.
  • Be okay with bad days.
  • Choose your friends and people around you carefully.
  • Seek out the love in your life.
  • Cultivate some hobbies that can bring you a sense of fulfillment.

To wrap things up

The Happy Marriage Recipe will fail without the commitment of both partners.

This can be especially difficult in today’s fast-paced world, but it’s important to make your marriage your number one priority.

When you are committed to making your marriage a success, and you know that your spouse shares your commitment, there is nothing the two of you cannot accomplish.

Now you know the 3 biggest threats to your happy marriage and how to avoid this danger.

These are the foundations. No tricks, no tips. It’s as simple as that. These are the factors we forget most of the time.

But now you know what you have to do to make your marriage last forever!.

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