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Top 13 Deadly Mistakes That Make Your Man Break Up With You

Why did he break up with me is a common question asked by females experiencing a breakup and is usually hard to figure out.

It hurts when someone you love suddenly tells you he doesn’t feel the same way about you.

When a man leaves his partner, she may be left feeling confused about why he did. He might give her several reasons for leaving. But in reality, they are not always the right ones.

It can be really tough on your self-esteem, and you may even start to doubt whether you’re attractive enough to men or not.

Let me give you the scoop. If you feel confused about why your guy broke up with you, don’t worry, I have all the answers. I’ll tell you what you need to know in a minute.

13 Reasons Why does a boy break up with you

1. You don't admire him

One of the top reasons men break up with women is that they do not feel respected and admired by her.

If you made him feel that, he won’t leave you for another attractive girl. But, if he does not feel this, he might look elsewhere.

Men measure how well their relationship is going and how admired they are by how content their woman appears.

In other words, A man might give you causes for break up like;

  • He lost attraction.
  • He fell in love with someone new.
  • You act too clingy.

The root of each of these reasons is that he has lost the sense of respect from his woman.

2. You nag too much

Of course, both parties need to be fully invested in the relationship. If the woman sees that the man is not doing his part, she will think it’s unfair.

However, if you expressed this unfairness through nagging, he definitely got fed up with it and consequently left you.

Even though your intentions might be honest and you were just telling how things should be, He may have felt like you were trying to control the relationship when you gave your opinion.

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3. You didn't understand his needs

People have always been driven to achieve. It’s an instinct. They need to feel like they’re progressing to boost their self-esteem.

If you mistook this as a sign of neglect, he probably thought you didn’t understand what he was trying to do.

Most guys want someone who is supportive and happy for his accomplishments, not someone who constantly brings him down.

If you have gone against this, you have turned him off. Adding pressure on him will not make him happy. In fact, he will be unpleased with it.

4. You neglected him

Since most men are very proud, they need and desire to feel that they are special and cannot be replaced. If your boyfriend felt a bit neglected in your relationship, this might be the reason why he pulled back.

Despite what they may say, most men want and like to feel they are your beloved king. If you had become too busy with other things, your boyfriend might sense that you are pushing him aside.

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As said in hack spirit “For a man, feeling essential to a woman is often what separates “like” from “love”. And feeling unessential is a common trigger for pulling away.”

5. You took advantage of him

  • Are you with him only for his financial freedom, or are you truly loyal to the relationship?
  • Did you try to please him only when you needed something or had a favor to ask?
  • Have you slipped behind his back a few times and gone on a date with someone else?

You must ask yourself these questions to have a clear idea of whether you were in love with him or you were only using him. Contrary to how society tags a man, he isn’t cold-blooded, especially when it comes to truth.

6. You Crushed Too Many Boundaries

When a man loves a woman, he is often very patient with her. If she crosses boundaries or does something he hates, he may not say anything. He is patient.

But this does not mean that he will forget it for good and let her get away with it. It is one of the reasons why he can break up with her out of nowhere.

7. You pushed him to change

When someone we care about tries to change us, it feels like a personal rejection. If you didn’t like the way he dressed, the things he believed in, or the way expressed his love.

According to hack spirit, “men might feel like they’re getting in too deep and can feel themselves changing for you. No one wants to feel like they’re not good enough, and if they feel like they’re changing, it’s not a good sign.”

It made him feel like you didn’t accept him for who he was. He probably felt like you didn’t value him.

8. You refuse to change

Men act as monitors, always keeping an eye on their partners to see if they are improving or worsening.

They are patient and will give you multiple chances to change, but if they see that you are not responsive to their attempts to help, they will give up. If they see you refuse to let go of your old habits, they will leave.

9. You Lost your sex Appeal

Hard to admit it, but it is true. Has your appearance changed significantly compared to the first time you’ve started dating?

Although this sounds ridiculous, often, guys break up with a girl just because he does not find her sexy anymore.

However, this doesn’t have to be forever. If you got fat, control what you eat, go to the gym, and allow him to see that you still “got it”

If you have also stopped taking care of your style and beauty, then change that by reviving the past version that your boyfriend fell in love with.

10. Being Problematic Again

You may think everything is going great, or maybe you have finally had some peaceful period after a long run of conflicts.

However, if he even senses that you might start causing problems again, he’ll leave. Men get fed up with dealing with problems without figuring out any solutions.

11. Too much control

Are you pushing your boyfriend to check on you every minute? or stay with you at home rather than spending time with his friends and getting pissed off at him when he does? If so, be sure that you will lose him that way.

As confirmed in love romance relationship “Doing these things push him away because you’re leaning forward, you’re trying to MAKE something happen, and that’s MASCULINE-energy behavior.

Men hate feeling under siege, so you must give him some space to breathe without you. How does he misses you when you are always in front of his face? Let some healthy distance between you both.

Make yourself busy with something you love ( hanging out with friends, walking, gym…) If you disappear a little bit and avoid teasing him every second, he will be excited to get home and see you.

12. Too Flirty

Rare to happen, but it is something to keep in mind. If you are the type of female that flirts with other guys whenever possible or cheats on him, he will eventually get fed up and leave you. And the same goes with ‘casual’ relationships.

Some people are totally okay with that, while others might not be so happy. If he is giving you the silent treatment and you cannot find a reason. Then think about where did you spend time lately and with whom.

If a guy thinks you might be cheating on him, he’ll back off and find someone he can feel more secure with.

No matter how it is his own fault that he can not trust you, it still hurts him to think that you might be unfaithful.

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13. The break up is A way to get some space

Some women become clingy and lose their temper when a man asks for some space. If you are one of these women, you will push your man away and make him feel like the only way to get space is to break up with you.

As explained by Christopher Kokoski “Men seem to require time alone to mull over life, to think about nothing at all, and to recharge so that they can be fully present in a relationship.”

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back?

So, how to get ou ex-boyfriend back? There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Different techniques may work for different people, so it is necessary to be aware of what works and what doesn’t before trying to get your boyfriend back.

Mistakes that women make when trying to get their boyfriends back usually end up costing them the relationship. It is important to avoid these mistakes in order to have the best chance of success.

People trying to get their ex-boyfriends back are often emotionally unstable and irrational. When women are not thinking clearly, they tend to act impulsively and say things that they regret later on.

For example, Calling or texting him repeatedly, but this is only going to make him annoyed and less likely to want to talk to you.

Desperation will not help you get your boyfriend back. In fact, it will most likely push him away.

If you want a more detailed answer, check our article How Do You Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Fall Back In Love With You? 4 Easy Steps

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