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What Do You Do When Your Wife Doesn’t Want You Anymore?

“My wife doesn’t want me anymore” 6 words that many men dread hearing. The marriage is quickly deteriorating and heading for divorce.

It’s incredibly challenging to be in a marriage and feel the other person doesn’t care about you. You feel devalued, lost, and depressed. They are hard feelings to absorb.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that your wife will honor the vow that states until death do you part. Even she does indeed love you. But not in love with you anymore.

There are definitely steps you can take to change the future of the marriage. Giving up is not an option, not if you’re committed to your wife.

Why Does My Wife Not Love Me Anymore? Understanding Your Spouse

First, you have to understand that there is a very big difference between a woman feeling neglected and undervalued and a woman who is no longer in love.

Your spouse may feel emotionally disconnected from you now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has fallen out of love.

If you’re basing this determination on the fact that she seems aloof and she hasn’t told you directly that she no longer loves you. Then don’t jump to that conclusion.

Here are several signs your wife doesn't love you anymore:

1. She quits sharing her feelings

One of the hidden signs your wife doesn’t love you is she’ll stop sharing her feelings with you.

The casual woman who loves her husband always wants him to know when she’s upset or feeling lost in the relationship. She will talk about her feelings frequently.

Cheerful woman talks with best friend,
As explained by, Women are typically more expressive than men, so if they suddenly stop sharing what’s going on with them with you, it can be a sign that they don’t love you anymore.

If your wife quits telling you that she loves you and she stops talking about what’s bothering her. Take that as a sign that she’s feeling detached from you.

2. Repeated Excuses

There is definitely a problem in your marriage if your wife spends less time with you. The fact that she fell out of love with you will make her uncomfortable in your presence.

If she’s too busy to have dinner with you or is in a rush to run errands on the weekend, she’s simply looking for an excuse not to be home.

As mentioned by betterhelp, If you feel that she’s withdrawing from you and isn’t physically responsive with you, it could be a sign.

You have reason to worry if you rarely see her, and she has endless excuses for staying away from you.

3. Criticize you whenever possible

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Another sign that your wife doesn’t want you anymore is she’ll criticize you more and more.

We’re all familiar with the idea of the nagging wife. However, if your spouse seems to be overreacting and saying spiteful and negative things about you for no reason.

Then it is a sign that she no longer feels close to you. Your spouse may be trying to push you away by using insults to hurt your feelings.

If you told her how much you hate this behavior and she keeps doing it, then hurting your feelings isn’t a concern for her anymore.

Can You really save Your Marriage?

Falling out of love is something that happens to people whether they have been married for a year, two years, or twenty years.

We all change as we get older, and if you and your spouse aren’t in sync with the changes you both are making, one or both of you may start to feel emotionally disconnected.

  • One is that one partner will venture out of the marriage and start an intimate relationship with another person.
  • Another consequence is when a couple fails to stay close, resentment may start, and verbal abuse becomes par for the course.

Unfortunately, some couples let their marriage die quietly until they divorce or live under the same roof but are completely separated from each other.

What do you do when your wife doesn't want you anymore?

Being aware that your wife doesn’t love you anymore is actually a positive thing. Now, you know that you have issues to face instead of burying them, hoping that things will magically get better.

Here are the steps that will help you save your marriage:

get your wife to open up

The first step is to do a little detective work to get an idea of what changed for her, So you will be able to repair the damage.

As mentioned in verywellmind; To get to the bottom of any changes you may have observed in your wife, simply asking what may be wrong could be effective.

Often, when a couple is going through a difficult time that includes a big conflict, one or both spouses can begin to feel emotionally detached from the other.

The ongoing tension between them will consume their feelings and push them to a point where they feel they can’t love each other anymore.

If this is the case for you and you cannot find a solution, you need to swallow your pride and start finding a compromise for the sake of your marriage.

Watch your tone!

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If you fire anger flames when speaking with your wife, she is more likely to retreat into herself and won’t share with you what caused her feelings to change so dramatically.

You must be kind and sympathetic and make it clear that you understand that her feelings now may not reflect what she felt before.

Don’t rush and tell her that you’re intent on fixing things at this point. First, She needs to feel comfortable discussing her emotions.

Explore the DEEP problem

Often, the cause behind a woman’s discontent has more to do with her life in general than with her relationship with her husband.

I advise you to encourage your spouse to talk more about what is going on in her life in order to help you piece together the mystery of her changing feelings.

Don’t push her to share more than she’d like at any given moment.

Become more connected

Obviously, it’s very important that you tell your spouse how you feel, too. If you love her and feel deeply committed to restoring the marriage. Then let her know.

Try to become more emotionally connected to your spouse through discussion, and even just spending more time together can change the course of your marriage.

Those hidden feelings will not manifest themselves. Both of you should commit to spending time sharing your feelings regularly.

When she understands that you’re willing to devote yourself to her and she’s not at the bottom of your life’s priority list, her attitude and feelings toward you will change for the positive.

Respect her needs and wants

It is natural for spouses to change how they interact once they are married and settled in the grinds of life. However, your wife still wants and needs to feel that she’s the only woman for you.

  • Remember how you used to fulfill her needs only to see her smiling? 
  • Or when you brought her a small gift just because you loved her?

Doing it all over again can make a huge difference in her emotions for you.

A woman wants to feel adored by the man she married. She doesn’t want to wake up every day feeling emotionally left out or taken for granted.

Getting married doesn’t mean the romance has to be thrown away between you two. Contrary, it should be an integral and vital part of your daily life.

Allow your actions to speak for you

Promises to become a better spouse are just words, but it takes determination and commitment to implement them with actions.

The easiest and most effective way to show your spouse that you are serious about getting her back is to do things for her that you didn’t do before.

  • It could be something like helping her by cooking dinner sometimes a week. 
  • Or spend more time being a co-parent so she can free up her schedule to pursue the things she wants to do.
As said in betterhelp; You need to be consistent in your activities, even if your spouse doesn’t reciprocate at first. This is especially true if you’ve been neglecting to treat your wife this way in the past.

By being more active within the marriage and acting more as a partner, your wife will see, feel and sense that you respect her needs, and she will cooperate more throughout the process of healing the marriage.

Communicate regularly

According to verywellmind, Couples report higher satisfaction with their partners when they engage in high-quality communication.

Unless the couple makes time and commits to talking about their relationship regularly, the connection they once shared may become strained.

You may want to make discussion time a weekly event that happens when you two go out to dinner or perhaps sit down each day for a bit after the children have gone to bed and the house is peaceful.

You should take the first step and encourage your spouse to improve your communication until you reach a point where you both feel incredibly comfortable sharing everything.

This is critical to a happier and more enriching relationship with your wife and will also help you reduce the disconnect that both of you are experiencing.

Our Advice

If you feel counseling would be helpful, kindly bring the subject up with your wife. Again, this is not something you want to push her towards if she doesn't feel it would benefit her.

To wrap things up

Understanding how to make your wife feel loved is all about ensuring she knows that there isn’t another woman in the world for you.

You have to make her feel that she’s irreplaceable to you. You can begin doing that with even the smallest of gestures.

A great example is to tell her how much you love her at least once a day. Your goal is to make it stick in her mind that you care for her because she’ll grow used to hearing it on a daily basis.

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