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What Drives A Woman To Have An Affair? 13 Reasons Why

When we talk about infidelity, all eyes are on men. It is a well-known fact that men are more likely to cheat. But, that doesn’t change the reality that females also cheat.

According to Alicia M. Walker, an associate professor of sociology at Missouri State University, “women cheat at the same rates as men, if not more.”

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There are times when women are caught red-handed in this situation. But, what’s important to understand is the reasons behind women cheating are more complex than the reasons of unfaithful men.

As explained by Dr. David Holmes “The biggest difference [between men and women who cheat] is that women are much better at keeping their affairs secret.”

So, have you ever wondered why do women cheat? If so, keep reading…

13 reasons why do women cheat

1. Unmet Emotional Needs

To begin with, the top reasons why women cheat fall under this broad heading. The vast majority of females cheat because they feel unloved, unappreciated, and taken for granted.

If you always neglect your wife, she is more likely to cheat on you with someone who shows her that she matters.

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Our Advice

Fortunately for you, this cheating issue can be dealt with. If you love your partner, you must show her that you appreciate and desire her and want to please her in every way possible.

2. Disappointment with Mate

This is a hidden factor for women to stray from their spouses. After all, the warm feelings go away throughout the marriage, and both partners start to see more defects in their mate.

Women in special notice when you don’t take care of yourself (hygiene), and if you won’t keep your promises that you vowed earlier. They hold that in mind!

I know life can be tough sometimes and derail you from the right track. But you must think about what is crucial to your wives.

You have to know her future goals and dreams. Because if you don’t or you fail to make any progress toward these goals, she may just decides to look for them with someone else.

3. Intimacy is absent

The relationship between couples is not just based on sex but their intimacy. It is expected for the wooing to die off after a long-term relationship or marriage ensues.

Well, guess what! There are plenty of males waiting for an opportunity to romance your lady if you won’t do it. And there are, sadly, many women cheating with Mr. Romantic.

As confirmed by Brides, a study at the affair dating website found that 67 percent of heterosexual, married women who cheat sought out “romantic passion”

The problem is the different understanding of “intimacy” between the spouses.

  • You may want sex, but she enjoys foreplay first.
  • She wants to hold hands, but you want to slap her butt.
  • She likes to be held, you want to have intercourse.
  • She enjoys being in your arms, you want to watch football.
  • She loves to cuddle after sex, you want to sleep directly.

It’s essential to maintain these simple things if you’re not planning to lose her for someone else. A bit of romance and intimacy will be the key to having a happy wife.

4. Boredom

On the other hand, most females reported a high level of boredom. Yes, women get bored of the routine of relationships, just like men. They want to feel unique, valued and loved.

The female will also desire friendship if she feels she is in a possessive relationship.

As mentioned by Skurtu, “I think as a society we don’t honestly address how boring work and family life can be at times”
Our Advice

Many men think that once they "got the prize", they won't need to fulfill their wife's affection. The reality is that you probably have to work harder. But, again, you know it's worth it.

5. Loneliness

Alongside boredom, loneliness is another big reason why women cheat. Why do you think the reason online marketers often target women?

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Because they know they are lonely and bored. Women love excitement. So, Many of them enjoy texting online and browsing different platforms

They are very social and need day-to-day interaction with others. Females especially like the attention of a man. It makes them feel liked, desirable and admired.

Skurtu says “They feel lonely and someone else starts meeting the unmet needs.”

Let me ask you something, Men. What are you doing to help make her feel that way?

6. Thrill seekers

Some women cheat because they want to spice up their excitement. Although they love their husbands and have no plan to leave their families, they need a little extra.

The problem here is that once they can satisfy themselves, it is simply natural they will keep looking for more.

Also, When their sex life with their partner is so boring, they search somewhere else to give them the pleasure they craved.

7. Bad sex life

It’s uncommon to hear about women cheating primarily for sexual reasons. However, it is still a factor for many of them, especially when they are dissatisfied for a long time.

Sex is a way for a woman to grow her self-esteem by feeling attractive and passionate.

When a woman feels like little more than a household drudge, sleeping with someone else is a fast way to remind herself that she’s hot.

Our Advice

To avoid sexual dissatisfaction, try to discuss openly and find out what she likes and dislikes. Don't suppose that she's always satisfied just because you feel she reaches orgasm.

Also, There are a lot of perfect aids that can save your sex life.

8. A good way for breaking up

A surprising reason woman cheat is she considers affairs an easy EXIT. Instead of ending the relationship, some women prefer to cheat as part of a break-up plan.

Other females tend to test the situation with someone new, find relief in someone else’s arms, fulfill their needs, and launch on a new journey.

However, she won’t leave you instantly in case things failed with this new man. An emotionally mature woman will normally not do these childish behaviors.

Our Advice

The best way to avoid this is to choose an insecure woman to be alone. Also, if things are wrong and you're drifting apart, talk openly about where the relationship is headed to make sure you understand each other.

9. Revenge

Revenge is another prominent reason why a woman would ever think about cheating.

If she feels her partner is neglecting her or has hurt her somehow, she will try to find another relationship to make her happy.

The funny thing is, females, tend to discuss their problems with male friends, which ultimately leads to an affair.

A sick build-up of sadness and soreness may be just enough to push your spouse to do reckless actions that are out of her personality.

Our Advice

The best way to stop this scenario is to reconcile issues that appear in your relationship. Never let problems unfixed, allowing them to escalate.

10. Financial hardships

Another big reason why a female would consider cheating on her current partner. Moreover, The current situation has made things harder for relationships either.

If a woman is used to buying multiple things in her life or having particular things and her current partner cannot provide that, she will risk finding someone who will.

11. lack of self-esteem

Skurtu says “Low self-esteem starts out looking like, ‘Why would anyone find me attractive?’ Then when someone starts to show that attention, it feels really good”  

Once they feel unattractive, they will seek praise from other males, and thus, cheating will up the scene.

So, when a woman is poorly critiqued by her husband, there is a big possibility that she will try to find someone good enough to see the pretty side of her, and commit infidelity.

12. unhappiness

If you try to dig deeper into why women cheat, you will discover that unhappiness is the main root of the problem.

Once women become unhappy, they will look elsewhere just to bring back the joys in their life. So Men, listen, you must satisfy your lady all the time.

Our Advice

Small gifts won't hurt if you want to keep the flame of the relationship shining. Do not be afraid to show what you feel when she is around because your spouse will definitely appreciate the love and care you are giving her.

13. Opportunities

We live in a wired era. Phones, Social media, the internet, and the list goes on and on.

Everything is connected now, the world became a much smaller place, and there are increased and varied multi-opportunities to engage with other males across the street or around the world.

It makes perfect sense that your wife would have additional resources – even if she isn’t looking to cheat, the possibilities exist, and occasions sometimes carry everyone away.

Skurtu states, People in this situation usually can’t explain the reason behind their infidelity. “It sort of just happens, even though, really, there are specific moments of truth that can make or break the potential affair.”
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How to prevent your wife from cheating?

There are many useful strategies to prevent or stop her from cheating. But you have to find the best method that works with her reason for cheating to be more effective.

I recommend first to make sure she has plenty of things to occupy her time and keep her company.

Secondly, you should give her some major challenges – consider role-playing so she can enjoy the thrills of conquest and the hunt.

At last, Don’t forget to show her love, respect, and appreciation in order to give her some emotional comfort.

If you want a more detailed answer, read our article; My Wife Cheated And I Can’t Get Over It! Experts Answer

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