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What Makes A Relationship Strong And Lasts Long? 9 (No Bull**it) Keys

Any relationship in the world should contain fundamental elements to achieve a happy life. Without these factors, you lose the way, and you will end up in a disaster.

It’s so easy to fall in love. Yet, how to strengthen and maintain this love for a lifetime is the 69 million dollar question.

if you are always wondering;
  • What makes a relationship strong and lasts long?
  • How to overcome the marital issues that you will face?
  • How to avoid the road to divorce?
  • How to keep a happy and exciting relationship with your partner?

In this article, We cracked the code to construct a strong-lasting love, and we would like to share it with you.

So, What are the keys to a strong-lasting relationship?

Key #1: Stay committed no matter what

It’s easy to stay committed when a relationship is going well, but when marital issues hit the front door, and you both start to avoid looking in each other’s eyes, will you still be committed?

I know it’s hard, but remember! Your marriage is a lifetime challenge. Living with one partner for the rest of your life requires a high level of dedication regardless of the situation.

There are sacrifices to be made when a relationship experiences ups and downs. If you want to be a happily married couple, both of you must be willing to make sacrifices in order to establish that purpose.

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A high level of commitment is critical for couples to stay married. It means that both spouses should dedicate whatever it takes to make the relationship work.

When you allow yourself to focus on the purpose of having the kind of marriage you’ve always dreamed of, you will motivate yourself not to allow any negative things to ruin it.

Key #2: Understand that there's no perfect marriage

Expecting too much from your marriage can be frustrating and dangerous. You have to put inside your head that there is no perfect marriage.

As mentioned by fvinstitute, One of Gottman’s major findings is that couples who fight are not necessarily on the road to a breakup. In fact, he makes the point that arguments may be constructive in building a long-term relationship.

No matter how the couple matches each other, the relationship will have many flaws continuously. Do not put more pressure on your marriage. So you can avoid future suffering.

The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment, And this will result in less gratitude to your partner. Disappointment and lack of appreciation can wreck your marriage.

My advice for you is to lower your criteria and have realistic expectations.

Key #3: Invest in Quality Time

Today, we live in a fast-paced world, and during the process to handle the various responsibilities out there, we always fail to create a special time for our partners.

If you want to keep your marriage, giving time to your spouse is necessary. No matter how busy you are. There are many ways to schedule a time with each other.

  • If you both work, make sure to plan a regular date at least once a week. 
  • If you work together, You can benefit from the lunch break to talk, laugh and connect even for an hour a day.

Furthermore, try to sit down every morning while drinking coffee and before going to work to talk with your mate about your plans for the day.

It is essential to make time for each other, communicate constantly, and be available for each.

Key #4: Nothing wrong with growing individually!

Both spouses must consider that even couples need some time away from each other not because they don’t love each other too much but because they need to grow individually.

  • Your husband may want to play his favorite sports with his male buddies.
  • Your wife may want to have a breakout vacation with her girl-friends.

Building a solid foundation of trust is vital for a couple to independently explore each other’s passions and ensure that this freedom is not exaggerated or abused.

However, you must spend more time and make more memories with your spouse than anyone else.

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Couples who continue to develop as individuals are more likely to remain together. They have more good things to bring into the marriage, which will make the marriage happier and healthier.

key #5: The Secret to Manage arguments

It is crucial to know how to handle difficult times such as when you avoid seeing each other eye-to-eye and arguments appear.

First of all, avoid letting problems build up until they explode. Take control of them as quickly as possible but choose the right time. Do not procrastinate or avoid discussing the issue.

Sue Maisch, L.S.W.,

We expect a lot from our relationships, and the fact is, long-term marriages or relationships are difficult to sustain, given the pressures most of us live with

Sue Maisch

family and child counselor

Second, when dealing with problems, stick to the topic at hand and avoid bringing up things from the past. Respect your partner, and don’t let anger overcome you.

You must Listen! If you want to be heard, your spouse likes to be heard, too. Look things at your spouse’s perspective to understand each other’s POV!

Finally, if you can’t come up with a common solution, find a compromise to solve the problem. You don’t have to win every argument.

Remember that you are discussing with your spouse, not with the enemy. Being understanding and compassionate will benefit your relationship.

Key #6: Own up to your mistakes and apologize

In every relationship, there are times when you face various problems. However, if you are willing to take some time to think about the cause of the problem and find a way to correct it; Then the gaps are filled.

As explained by stanfordchildrens, Secrets and lies weaken the foundation of any relationship. Ignoring problems (another form of keeping secrets) doesn’t make them go away.

The key to strengthening your marriage is to be ready to know your flaws and to do your best to correct them.

Key #7: Maintain the Intimacy in Your Marriage

One of the powerful aspects you must consider when strengthening your relationship is intimacy

Hidden Tips to help you out:

tip 1: Clear past intimacy data

Old traumas may prevent you from sharing true intimacy and trust. Without realizing it, we are showing our partners old hurts, preventing us from seeing them for what they really are.

Try to remove old memories of love and intimacy so you can be fully present at the moment and love yourself and your partner.

tip 2: freshen the Feminine Energy

For intimacy, this means that a woman can’t fully express herself with her partner.

By reawakening feminine energy on the sexual, emotional, and spiritual levels, a woman can reach herself more and thus be brighter and more vibrant with her partner.

tip 3: stabilizing Masculine Energy

Masculine energy tends to rise quickly and then fade away just as quickly. This creates an intimate dilemma, as a woman’s energy takes longer to wake up.

Maintaining and directing masculine energy helps a man to fully connect with his partner. He learns how to channel his energy into his heart, the place where a woman craves initial connection.

Also, He must learn how to last longer in the bedroom so that both partners can experience more satisfying sexual intimacy!

key #8: Simply, "Compromise"

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You should set a common goal that unites you both. Be sensitive to each other’s opinions and watch the words you speak because some of them can do more harm than good.

This lets your partner know that you value them, even if you don’t agree with something. It’s part of being a couple! It’s about two and not just you.

Key #9: Invest in Good Communication

Compromise and communication are perhaps the two most necessary factors in maintaining a good relationship.

For a long-term relationship, couples must stay connected to each other. And to do that, you should both keep the communication channels open.

Hacks to strengthen your relationship through good communication:

1. More Time, More Strength

It’s crucial to spend more time with your partner sharing and talking about things happening to you.

Never let a day go by without talking to your spouse. They say happiness is doubled, and pain is halved when you share it with your spouse.

2. Listening is the key!

Usually, husbands want to quickly find the solution to the problems, when in fact. The only thing a wife wants is a listening ear. It could also happen when we reverse the roles.

Communication is not just talking. It is also about listening. In order to boost your relationship, you should know when to stop talking and just listen.

3. Understand each other's POVs

Knowing and understanding each other’s points of view is essential in order to strengthen your marriage through good communication.

Men and women have different opinions, and couples should understand that.

  • Women, in general, tend to be more emotional and speak more about their feelings.
  • On the other hand, men are more likely to talk about their interests, activities, and solutions to problems.

4. Opening up

A common mistake of couples (particularly males) is to think that opening up to their females is a sign of weakness.

Husbands tend to pile things up, thinking that if they avoid talking about a particular issue. It will disappear.

But, this is wrong! Because if the problems keep stacking up, you will someday get bored. And this can be even more destructive to your marriage.

Couples should express themselves clearly and open up with their partners to keep the marriage strong.

How can an expert help?

Experts are a helpful solution for you to strengthen your relationship. They can listen in a non-judgmental way, telling you where you went wrong and how you can prevent things from happening again.

Experts have had experience with hundreds of cases before, and they know what to say. They can be logical when dealing with things, unlike family and friends who often give the wrong advice.

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