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Why Would A Girl Break Up With You? Top 13 Reasons Why

What drives a woman to break up with her man? If your girlfriend is willing or has already broken up with you, the only question that comes to your mind right now is “Why“.

Females are difficult to understand. One minute, you might be in a good relationship with her, and the next, she breaks up with you.

It can be challenging to figure out why your girl left you. And it’s more complicated if they gave you several different explanations that might not even make sense.

Of course, there’s no one general reason why women leave their partners. However, there are many possible explanations for why this happens.

In this article, we will present to you the facts about the common factors that determine why women break up with men and how to prevent it.

13 Reasons Why Girls Break Up with Their Boyfriends

1. Constant fighting

No one enjoys fighting every day. Females certainly don’t want to deal with constant conflict, and if you question her continuously about everything she does, you are going to mess things up.

Even if you are not fighting with her, but with the children or neighbors, she will dumb you just to have a peaceful calm life.

2. Social media illusions

It is natural to compare yourself to others. However, women specifically look to other happy and attractive couples on Instagram and feel that they are missing out or that their life seems less exciting in comparison.

Sometimes, a girl might get affected by social media fakeness and fantasize about being single and free again or dating a particular man who will get her the fancy life she used to see on Instagram.

But often, after breaking up with their longtime companion, women quickly pine for that special person again.

3. Too much jealousy

Women typically, don’t like it when men are always suspicious and jealous over minor things. It makes them feel guilty, even if there’s no real reason to feel that way.

  • If your girlfriend met her friends to have some fun while you are at home, this does not mean that the relationship is over.
  • If she compliments someone, it also does not mean that she will be in a relationship with them.
As mentioned on, “Excessive jealousy can be overwhelming and can be a contributing factor in why couples break up.”

I know your intentions may be good, you want to protect her, etc. However, females feel a bit restricted if you overdo this, that’s why you should give her some breathing space in order to avoid a relationship breakdown.

4. You are not there

Where have you been when she needed you the most? Do you forget yourself every time with your friends, hanging out, having a good time, and watching football?

Women actually do need their space, but she also wants you to be present when she needs you, if you leave her alone for too long, then, someday, she might find someone else capable of providing her the love she needs.

No matter how strong the female is, she’ll always fragile when it comes to love, appreciation, and devotion. Any girl likes to be cuddled and take care of her needs. Miss that, and she will eventually feel lonely and leave.

5. You constantly look at or flirt with other girls

Some men might be flirtatious by nature. When it comes to men and dogs, they are both similar in the sense that they will both get excited or react to something they want.

For men, this is usually a hot chick. They might make some heated eye contact or even go and try to get close to these girls.

Females don’t like this. In fact, women exhibit jealousy more than men, especially if the other girl is more attractive.

Any woman likes to have some stability in her life. Therefore, she can’t trust someone not to cheat on her if he has the opportunity.


6. unmet emotional needs

As I mentioned earlier, women are very sensitive creatures. The problem is that most guys cannot understand this concept, So they ignore providing the right actions to keep their girl emotionally warm.

As confirmed by Sylvia Smith “Emotional intimacy is a bond that goes beyond physical lust and chemistry. It’s a bond built over time through shared experiences and getting to know one another.”

The solution is easy, be caring and regularly show her how important she is. Women love to feel they are queens.

7. Communication

When did the last time you had a good conversation with your lady? Women often complain about this, and many of them say;

“I’m sick of seeing him surf his phone every time I want to talk to him, and if I comment, the best he can do is growl at me.”

According to research published in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage reports that 53% of the 886 couples polled cited a lack of communication as one of the most common reasons couples break up.

Communication is the key to a happy relationship. Therefore, you must be ready to create time and a safe place to have a meaningful and peaceful conversation with your girl to understand her emotions and needs.

In addition, if you are married, you should also do that with your children, encourage them to share with you their problems and diaries ( if they want to) so you can build a solid bond with them.

8. They feel under-appreciated

In general, women want to feel appreciated by men. Most girls would like their men to surprise them with small gifts or just a nice date night as a reward for their hard work in the relationship. They love to get credit for everything they do for you.

Also, females need attention, and if you don’t give it to them, they might find it elsewhere. it’s not always intentional, but women will often blame the man. So, your lack of appreciation for your woman has possibly led to the breakup.

9. Lack of excitement

Sometimes women breach the comfort walls of the relationship by spending time away from their men. When a relationship is too safe and boring, many women feel like, they are missing out on the excitement.

Flirting with other men or going on dates “just for fun” can sometimes happen when a woman is too safe in her relationship.

She may be drawn to the new man because he is different from her current partner. It doesn’t mean that she necessarily likes him better, but just that he is new and exciting.

10. Too much "Nice"

There is a common type of man who acts too gentle with his woman, he tells her how much he loves her every time, everything she asks he will bring it, and he might apologize for things even it wasn’t really his fault.

You must be good to your lady for sure. But also, you must know how to balance that because if you keep being too nice, she will gain the upper hand and control you like a puppy.

Young woman ignoring her boyfriend

Why would a woman break up with a “too nice man”? Generally, when you become her lovely puppy, she’ll lose the sense of surprise and excitement, and eventually, will get bored and dumb you.

11. Drinking

Drinking and gambling often follow each other. If you drink too much and embarrass your lady wherever you go, then she will definitely consider breaking up with you to feel safer.

Drinking also can lead to domestic abuse. And this could be a really damaging issue to relationships. Women do not like to get beat, and most of them will not give you second chances if you committed abuse.

As stated on “Statistics show that more than 10 million men and women will experience intimate partner violence each year in the United States.

12. boredom

One of the common reasons for breaking up is feeling bored. If you are the type of man who likes to get to work and come back home and that’s all. It will be a big issue because women hate having the same routine every day.

Females are attracted to men who have a sense of excitement and adventure. If a relationship becomes routine, she will predict what the day will be like and become bored. She will search for someone else who is more impulsive.

13. The breakup is a way to get your attention

Sometimes, a girl may break up with her partner or threaten to do so just in order to get his attention.

She might want him to treat her better or act more lovingly as we said before. Sometimes this is a temporary split, other times it is more of a warning alarm.

If that happened to you, you must consider that and be more careful if you want to continue with her. The last thing you want to do is ignore these warnings, and eventually, you will lose her for good.

How To Win Her Heart Back?

It is a difficult process to win your ex-girlfriend’s heart back. Especially if you still love her. However, there is still an opportunity. You need to control your emotions in order to increase your chances.

If you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend, honesty and trust are definitely two of the most important factors. Let go of deception because it will not help you in the long run.

After controlling your emotions, try to figure out what went wrong in the relationship in the first place.

  • Did the both of you fight constantly?
  • Did you lose her trust by having an affair?

It is tough to do, but you need to talk to her about your relationship. You need to let her know that you are serious about fixing things.

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